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Record a presentation with Zoom


1. Open your presentation (e.g., PowerPoint, Google Slides)

2. Log into the TC portal (

3. Click the Student, Faculty, or Employee Resources tab and under General Technology Resources click TC Zoom

4. In Zoom, click Meetings.

6. Click Start Meeting.

7. If you get a message about opening Zoom, Click Open Zoom US

8. Select Join With Computer Audio.

9. Before you begin recording, make sure that your microphone is unmuted. That way, anything you say will be recorded.

OPTIONAL: If you'd like to include a video of yourself in the recording, make sure your webcam is also on.

10. Click the green Share button from the Zoom navigation bar.

11. Select the screen with the presentation you would like to share and click Share.

12. Your presentation will then appear as the main screen.

13. To begin recording, hover your mouse over the green and red bar at the top of the screen.

14. Hover your mouse of More and click on Record to the Cloud.

15. The recording will begin.

16. Begin your presentation and everything you say and do on the screen will be recorded by Zoom.

17. To stop recording, hover over the green and red bar at the top. Go to More and select Stop Recording.

18. When Zoom has finished processing your recording, you will get an email alert.

When your recording has been processed, you can download it to your computer and then upload it to TC Digital Media.

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