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Suspend Zoom participant activities in a Zoom meeting


If someone disrupts your meeting,  you can immediately suspend all participant activities and lock your meeting so no one else can join. If you can identify the disrupter, you can eject that participant from the meeting and the Zoom security team will be notified.

1. During your meeting, click the Security icon.

Zoom Meeting (Locked)

2. Click Suspend Participant Activities.

3. Click Suspend.

After you click Suspend, participants will not be able to share their webcam, use their microphone, chat, share their screen, or annotate. Additionally, the meeting recording with stop, the breakout rooms will be stopped, and your meeting will be locked so nobody else can join.

4. Optional: If you would like to report and remove a participant from your meeting, select their name from the list of users on the Report window.

5. If you would like to report the incident to Zoom (with or without the name of a user), enter your email address and click Submit .

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