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Check when your Zoom cloud recordings will be deleted


Each day, any Zoom cloud recording older than 365 days is automatically deleted. If you would like to save a Zoom cloud recording for longer than one year, you can download it from Zoom and upload it to TC Digital Media.  

If you need assistance moving your Zoom cloud recordings, please open a Service Desk ticket. 

1. Go to myTC portal, click the Faculty, Student, or Employee Resources tab and under the General Technology Resource, click TC Zoom.

2. On the left menu, click Recordings.

My Meetings - Zoom

3. Check the Auto Delete column to learn how much longer your cloud recordings will be stored in the Zoom cloud.

My Recordings - Zoom

If you would like to save a cloud recording for more than one year, follow the instructions at the links below to download your Zoom cloud recordings and upload them to TC Digital Media.

Download Zoom cloud recordings

Upload Zoom recordings to TC Digital Media

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