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Schedule a Zoom class session in Canvas


We highly recommend that all Zoom class session meeting be created in Canvas for that course.

In order to take advantage of the saved Seating Chart feature in Zoom, a recurring meeting must be created.  See instructions below.

1. Select the Canvas course for which you would like to schedule your Zoom session.

2. Click Zoom in the Course Navigation menu.

3. If you are prompted that Zoom LTI Pro is requesting access to your account, click Authorize.

4. Click Schedule a New Meeting.

Do not use your Personal Meeting ID when scheduling Zoom classes with your students.

5. Set your meeting date, time, and duration.

Leave your official course name in the Topic field. It will make it easier for you and students to find the course in the list of Zoom meetings.

Schedule a Meeting - Zoom

6. To schedule a meeting for the same time each week, check Recurring meeting and enter the recurrence and end date for your meetings.

Schedule a Meeting - Zoom

7. Select the Security options of Passcode.

Students won't need to enter the Passcode when they click on the Zoom link in Canvas.

8. If you are recording your meeting, click Record the meeting automatically and choose In the cloud.

9. Click Save.

10. You and your students can now click on the Zoom link in your course in Canvas to see Upcoming Meetings. Instructors can start the meeting from here and students can join the meeting from here.

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