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Schedule a Zoom meeting with pre-assigned Breakout rooms


Before you can schedule with Pre-Assigned Breakout rooms you will need to edit your Settings to make sure pre-assigned breakout rooms is turned on.

1. Log into with your UNI and password.

2. Click on the tab for Student, Faculty, or Employee Resources.  Scroll down and under General Technology Resources click TC Zoom.

3. In Zoom, click Meetings.

4. Click Schedule a Meeting.

5. Enter your meeting details.

6. Under Meeting Options, check the box that says Breakout Room pre-assign.

7. Click  + Create Rooms.

8. In the pop-up window, click the + icon next to the Rooms section to add a new room.

You can add up to 50 breakout rooms.

9. Once you have created your Breakout rooms, you can add participants to each room by adding your students' TC email to the Add Participants box.

Make sure to use your students TC Gmail addresses.

10. Once you have added all of your students to the Breakout rooms, click Save.

11. You will see your breakout rooms in the Meeting Options of your Zoom meeting and click Save.

12. Your meeting will be scheduled and your breakout rooms saved.

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