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Create a poll for your Zoom meeting


These instructions guide you through creating a poll for a Zoom meeting BEFORE the meeting begins.

NOTE:  The person who creates the Zoom meeting is the only one who can create polls before a Zoom meeting begins. The person who creates the Zoom meeting and the polls is the only person who can launch the poll during the Zoom session.

1. In the myTC Portal click Student, Faculty, or Employee Resources and under General Technolog Resources click TC Zoom.

myTC portal:

2. Click Meetings in the Zoom navigation.

3. Click on the meeting that you would like to add a Poll to.

4. Scroll to the very bottom of the meeting and you will see a tab labeled Poll. Click the Add button to add a new Poll.

5. Enter a title for your Poll. if you would like the poll to remain anonymous, meaning user information will not be collected, check the anonymous box.

6. Add in your polling question, select whether users can choose multiple answers of one single answer, and add in your polling options.

7. To add a question to this poll click the + Add a Question option.

This will not add a separate poll. This will add a section question that will be part of this poll.

8. Click Save once you have finished your Poll.

9. Your poll will be added to the meeting.

10. To add another poll click Add. You can also click Edit or Delete for any existing polls you have for that meeting.

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