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Schedule a Zoom Meeting through the myTC Portal


It is highly recommended to create class meetings through Canvas.  For these instructions follow this link.

In order to take advantage of the saved Seating Chart feature in Zoom, a recurring meeting must be created.  Follow these instructions to create a recurring meeting in Canvas.

1. Log into myTC Portal with your UNI and password.

2. Click on the tab for Faculty, Student, or Employee Resources and under General Technology Resources, click TC Zoom.

myTC - Employee Resources

3. In Zoom, click Meetings.

4. Click Schedule a Meeting.

5. In the Topic field, enter a name for your meeting.

6. Select the date and time for your meeting.

You can start your meeting at anytime. You're not restricted by the date, time, or duration you enter.

7. Select either a Passcode or Waiting Room.

8. Click Save.

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