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Access Zoom Analytics for a Zoom meeting


Within Zoom you can generate and download a list of individuals who registered for your meeting, determine who attended your meeting, and the results of polls.

1. Access your Zoom account by logging into the myTC portal.

2. Click the Faculty, Student, or Employee Resources tab and under General Technology Resources click TC Zoom

3. Once you are logged in, you will see your Zoom account information appear. To obtain the different reports, click on Reports on the left side.

4. You will have two reports to choose from, Usage (view meetings, participants, and meeting minutes) or Meeting (view registration reports and poll reports for meetings). Select Usage to generate a usage report.

5. To get a more detailed view of the different participants, click on the number underneath Participants.

Other information found in the usage report includes whether Zoom Rooms were used (Has Zoom Rooms?), when the meeting was created (Creation Time), when the meeting started (Start Time) and ended (End Time), how long the meeting lasted in minutes (Duration) and the number of participants (Participants).

6. A pop-up will appear with information on the meeting participants. Users may be duplicated in the list if they left and reentered the Zoom meeting several times. If you just want to see a list of unique users, then check the Show unique users box on the top left.

Name (Original Name) is the name of the participant.

User Email is the email the participant used to access Zoom.

Join Time is the time the participant joined the Zoom meeting.

Leave Time is the time the participant left the Zoom meeting.

Duration (minutes) is the length of time in minutes the participant was in the meeting.

Attentiveness Score is the percent of time a participant had Zoom in focus (note: TC does not have this feature turned on so it will always display 100%).

7. Now, only unique participants will be shown. If users have duplicate entries, they will be collapsed into one entry with their meeting duration minutes summed together.

8. You can also generate a meeting report to view the registration and poll reports for meetings. Click on Reports on the left navigation pane, then select Meeting.

9. You can generate a registration or poll report by selecting the corresponding option next to Report Type. Next to the meeting you would like to generate a report, click on Generate on the far right of the meeting.

10. For the registration report, you will provided with three options to include in the report: All Registrants, Approved Registrants, and Denied Registrants. After you have made your selection, click Continue.

11. Your report will be generated and populated in the Report Queue tab. You can download the report by clicking on Download on the far right of the report.

12. Here is an example of a registration report downloaded into an Excel file.

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