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Turn on Advanced Poll feature in Zoom


1. In myTC portal, click Faculty Resources.

2. Under Academic Technology Resources, click TC Zoom.

3. A new window will appear. Enter your UNI and password [1], then click Login [2].

4. In your TC Zoom account, on the left side navigation menu, click Settings.

5. Under Meeting tab, click In Meeting (Basic).

6. Scroll down to find the settings for Meeting Polls/Quizzes. Check the box next to Allow host to create advanced polls and quizzes.

7. To ensure the Advanced Poll feature has been enabled, click Meetings.

8. Click Personal Room.

9. You should be able to see a Polls/Quizzes tab.

The availability of Polls/Quizzes tab (instead of a "Polls" tab) means that you have successfully enabled the Advanced Poll feature in Zoom.

To create a poll or a quiz using the advanced poll feature, follow the instructions in the article Create an Advanced Poll for your Zoom meeting.

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