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Update your Desktop Zoom Client (Mac)


1. On your computer desktop click Application in your Finder.

2. Scroll to the bottom and click

3. Click Sign In with SSO.

4. In the company domain, type teacherscollege and click Continue.

5. Sign in with your TC UNI and password and click Login.

6. In the drop-down window, click Open

7. The Zoom Client will open. At the top of your computer screen click and click Check for Updates.

8. If an update is available you will receive an pop up window explaining the update. Click Update.

9. The update will download. Click install.

10. In your Zoom Installer, click Continue and follow the instructions for the rest of the installation.

11. Once you have followed all of the installation instructions, you will receive a message that your installation was successful. Click close and your update will be installed.

If you are installing this Update while in a Zoom meeting. You will need to leave the meeting and come back for the installation to work.

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