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Running a pre-Assigned Zoom Breakout Room


1. In your Zoom meeting controls, click Participants.

2. If you have participants with (guest) after their name, ask them to leave and login to Zoom and return to the meeting.  Guests will not be placed in their preassigned breakout rooms automatically.

Students will need to log into their Teachers College Zoom account.

3. Click on Breakout Room button to open the Breakout room list.

4. The rooms should show but may not have be filled with the preassigned students. Click on the Recreate button.

5. Choose to recreate using the pre-assigned rooms. The list will regenerate and participants will be listed in their rooms.

6. Click the Open All Rooms.

7. Anyone logged in as a guest or logged in after you recreate the rooms will need to be manually assigned to a room.

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