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Access and use Zoom's Security icon


1. As a meeting host, start your meeting in Zoom.

2. Click the Security icon on the control panel.


3. A check next to any choice means that feature is ON. An item can be checked and unchecked by clicking on that choice.

3.1. To lock your meeting so no additional participants can enter, put a check next to Lock Meeting.

If one of your meeting participants loses their internet connection and leaves the meeting, they will NOT be able to reenter your meeting if it is locked.

3.2. Put a check next to Enable Waiting Room to turn on a waiting room for your meeting.

If one of your meeting participants loses their internet connection and leaves the room or if someone is late for your meeting, you will be able to admit them from your waiting room.

3.3. If you want your participants to be able to share their screen with everyone in your meeting, check Share Screen.

Share Screen is a popular feature used for disrupting a Zoom meeting and should be ON only when you know all the participants in your meeting and your meeting is locked or has a waiting room.

3.4. To allow your participants to send a message using Chat, click Chat.

Whether Chat is checked or not checked, the host will always be able to send a message to meeting participants.

3.5. To allow participants to change their name as it appears in the Zoom participant list, check Rename Themselves.

4. Prevent students from being able to unmute themselves, uncheck Unmute Themselves.

5. Prevent students from starting their video, uncheck Start Video.

6. To disable participants from annotating on the shared screen

6.1. Click on "Security" icon in Zoom tool bar

6.2. In the drop down menu, uncheck the "Annotate on shared Content".

7. To suspend all participant activities, click Suspend all participant activities.

7.1. You will receive a message asking you to confirm if you would like to suspend activities, click suspend.

7.2. To report the incident to Zoom, fill out the report pop-out and click Submit.

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