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Manage participant's annotation during a Zoom meeting


When someone shares their screen during a Zoom meeting, participants (and the person who shared their screen) are able to use the annotation tool to draw, make notes, etc. that overlay the shared screen image and is shared to all Zoom meeting participants.

At TC, the annotation tool is automatically turned on for all Zoom meetings. During any Zoom meeting you can turn that feature off for your meeting participants.

1. Share your screen by clicking on Share Screen and selecting what you would like to share (Annotation is only possible when someone is sharing their screen)


1.1. Click on the Security icon on the Meeting Control bar

1.2. In drop down menu, uncheck the Annotate on Shared Screen

2. If you do allow participants to annotate, you can see who is creating the different annotations.

2.1. Click on More on the Meeting Controls bar.

2.2. Click on Show Names of Annotators.

3. Clear all annotations from the shared screen

3.1. Click Annotate on the Zoom Meeting Controls.

3.2. The annotation tool bar will then appear. Click Clear.

3.3. Select Clear All Drawings.

3.4. All of the annotations will now be deleted from the screen.

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