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Create an Advanced Poll for your Zoom meeting


The polling feature for meetings allows you to create single choice or multiple choice polling questions, while advanced polling feature adds matching, ranked choice, short answer, and long answer options. Make sure that your Zoom is up to date on the latest version to use this feature.

1. In myTC portal, click Student Resources, Faculty Resources or Employee Resources.

2. Under Academic or General Technology Resources, click TC Zoom.

3. Click Meetings in the left side navigation.

4. Click on the meeting that you would like to add an advanced Poll to.

5. Scroll down the page to find the Polls/Quizzes tab. Click + Create [1] and select Advanced Polls and Quizzing [2] to start create a poll.

If you don't see the Polls/Quizzes button, refer to the article Turn on Advanced Poll Feature in Zoom to enable the Advanced Poll feature.

6. Click Untitled Advanced Poll to change the name of this set of polls.

7. Click Untitled Question to edit your poll question.

8. To the right of the name of the polling question, click the drop down menu to choose the type question.

  1. Single Choice: Poll participants can select only one of the provided answers. Possible answers can be listed all at once or under a drop-down menu.
  2. Multiple Choice: Poll participants can select multiple of the provided answers.
  3. Matching: Poll participants can match prompts on the left side with answers on the right side. Order of prompts and answers can be adjusted as needed. Up to 9 prompts can be provided for each question, with the possible matches ranging between 2-9 options.
  4. Rank Order: Poll participants can rank each item based on the provided scale. Up to 10 items can be provided for each question, with the scale allowing a range of 2-7 options.
  5. Short Answer: Poll participants can respond with a short answer response. The minimum and maximum allowed characters for the response can be set.
  6. Long Answer: Poll participants can respond with a long answer response. The minimum and maximum allowed characters for the response can be set.
  7. Fill in the blank: Poll participants are presented with the statement and a blank, asking them to fill in the missing information based on the statement and other context provided. Multiple blanks can be added and each blank has its own answer box.
  8. Rating scale: Poll participants are given a statement or topic, then are given the opportunity to rate the topic on a given scale. The range of the scale can be adjusted from the default of 1-10, and the ends of the scale can be labeled to indicate what the scale is based on, for example Not likely to Extremely likely.

9. (Optional) Click Add a Question to create an additional question.

Note: Each question and individual answers for a question can be reordered as needed.

10. (Optional) Click the three dots button [1], and check the first box to allow participants to answer questions anonymously [2].

As of now, we do not recommend using the quiz feature in Zoom Advanced Polls/Quizzes due to an insufficient results data accessible to the instructor.

11. Click Save once you have finished setting up your poll.

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