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Password protect your Zoom meetings in Canvas


To allow only students who have your class Zoom meeting password to enter your Zoom session, you will need to turn off the Zoom Embed password feature,  identify the password for your session, and share that password with students who have been approved for remote learning.

1.1. Log into Zoom via the myTC portal.

1.2. Click Settings.

My Settings - Zoom

1.4. Turn off this feature by clicking the button to the right. It is off when the button is gray.

My Settings - Zoom

2. Find the password for your class Zoom session.

2.1. Log into your course in Canvas.

A&HH4070001:History of Education in the US

2.3. Click on the name of your Zoom meeting.


2.4. Scroll down to Passcode and click Show.


2.5. The password for your meeting with be displayed


2.6. Share that password with any students who have been approved for remote learning.

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