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Accept invitation to join TC's Zoom meeting account


Before migrating your existing Zoom account to TC's Zoom account, check to see if you have a Zoom Pro account. If you already have a Zoom Pro account, do not accept the invitation to TC's Zoom account and email the TC Service Desk with an alternative email address.  

When you switch your existing Zoom account to TC's Zoom account, your previous account and sign in will be no longer be accessible.

1. Open the email with your Zoom account invitation

Inbox (31,785) - - Gmail

2. In the email, click Approve Request.

Zoom account invitation - - Gmail

3. Click I Acknowledge and Switch.

Invite Confirm - Zoom

4. You will receive a message that your account is being processed.

Invite Confirm - Zoom

5. You will receive a second email confirming that your account has been moved to TC's Zoom account.

Zoom account invitation result - - Gmail
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