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Allow an user from outside TC to host your Zoom meeting


If would like someone else to host one of your TC Zoom meetings and the other person does not have a TC Zoom account, you can allow them to be hosts by changing your Zoom meeting settings and sharing your Zoom Host Key with the non-TC Zoom user.

1.1. Access your Zoom account by logging into the myTC Portal.

1.2. Click on Student, Faculty, or Employee Resources tab and under General Technology Resources, click TC Zoom.

1.3. Click on Meetings on the left.

My Meetings - Zoom

1.4. When editing or creating your Zoom meeting, scroll down and click Options. Click Show.

1.5. Check Allow participants to join anytime.

1.6. If you would like the meeting to be automatically recorded to your Zoom account, in Meetings Options, click Automatically record meeting and In the cloud.

Edit Meeting - Zoom

2. Find your Zoom Host Key.

2.1. Click Profile on the left menu.

My Profile - Zoom

2.2. Scroll down to Host Key and click Show.

My Profile - Zoom

2.3. Copy your Host Key. You will need to share this code with the person you would like to start and host your Zoom meeting.

My Profile - Zoom

Once the meeting is over, you should go into your profile and change your Host Key so it cannot be used again to gain host privileges for your Zoom meetings.

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