Change your course start date

All Canvas courses have a start date which is two weeks before TC's official first day of class. If you would like students to have access to your Canvas course before that, in the Canvas settings you'll need to change the Section start date and the Course start date.

1. Log into your course in Canvas.

2. First, begin changing the Section Start date by clicking on Settings.

3. Click on the Sections tab.

4. Click on the name of your course's section.

5. Click Edit Section.

Depending on the width of your screen, the Edit Section button could be on the right side of your screen or could be below the names of all your students.

6. Change the Starts date to the date you would like your course to be available.

7. Click Update Section.

8. Next, change the Course start date by clicking Settings on the left Course Menu.

9. Click the Course Details tab.

10. In the Starts field, enter the date you would like your course to begin.

11. Scroll down and click Update Course Details.