Add a TC Student to your course

Instructors can add TC students to their Canvas courses as Participating Auditors. If you add a student to your course with the "student" role, they will be automatically removed when your official Canvas student roster is updated daily. If you require assistance adding a student who is not currently registered at Teachers College, please submit a Service Desk request.

1. Open your course in Canvas and click on People on the course menu

2. Click the + People button

3. Click the Login ID button

4. In the box, enter the UNI of the student you wish to add

5. Click the down arrow in the Role box

6. When the choices appear, select Participating Auditor

7. Click Next in the lower right

8. You will receive a message that there were several possible matches. Click the circle next to the name associated with Teachers College listed as the Institution.

Do NOT select the student name associated with the email address because the students will not be able to access the course in Canvas. Please email if you

9. When the confirmation message appears, click Add User

10. The person should now be listed as a Participating Auditor for your course