Turn on Honorlock for a Canvas Quiz

Once you've created a quiz in Canvas, you can turn on remote proctoring for that quiz with HonorLock by following the steps below.

1. Access "Honorlock" via the sidebar on the left.

2. If Honorlock does not appear in the sidebar, follow these steps:

In the sidebar on the left, click "Settings."

From the list of items that appears at the bottom in grey, find "Honorlock" and drag it to the list of items at the top.

2.1. In the sidebar on the left, click "Honorlock."

3. Click Enable next to the name of your Quiz.

4. Adjust the features at the top as necessary by clicking on them to toggle them on and off, then include instructions for students (and proctors, as necessary) at the bottom. When Honorlock is configured appropriately, click "Enable."

This is an example of text which might be used for Student Instructions:

"This is a CLOSED notes exam. Using your e-book or textbook is NOT ALLOWED. You may use two sheets of scratch paper. You must remain in front of your computer for the duration of the exam. NO BATHROOM BREAKS. Cell phones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, and any other electronic devices are NOT PERMITTED. Failing to follow these instructions could result in a violation."

5. You quiz will be ready. You can view results or change settings for each quiz via the Honorlock panel.