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Create a Video Quiz in TC Digital Media


With TC Digital Media (TC DM), you can add different types of quiz questions (e.g., multiple choice, true/false, short answer) as well as higher level questions such as Reflective Pause and Decision Point to your videos.

You'll need to first upload a video to TC DM before adding quiz questions.

1. Once inside TC DM, hover your mouse over video that you want to create a quiz for.

2. Click More...

3. Click Quizzes.

4. Click Create Video Quiz.

These two options (Create Video Quiz and Create Playback Quiz) will be available for you to choose from if you upload your own video and recording to TC Digital Media.

If you embedded a link from YouTube, Vimeo or other web link, you'll only see the option to Create Video Quiz.

Refer to the article Create a Playback Quiz in TC Digital Media if you want to create a quiz based on percentage of the video watched by students.

5. Click for instructions to create a video quiz.

6. Play the video, then click the Add Question button to add a question at that spot.

7. You can select from a list of question types.

8. Click Settings to modify the quiz settings.

9. When you've finished creating the video quiz, click Preview to review all questions created.

10. Click on the Question mark bubble to review each question.

11. Click Save to save your video quiz.

12. Click Post when you are ready to publish the video quiz in your Canvas course.

13. You can set the quiz open and close dates [1]. Select the Canvas course that you want to post quiz to [2]. Click Post to publish the quiz [3].

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