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Upload a video to TC Digital Media for a course in Canvas


1. In your course in Canvas, click on TC Digital Media on the left menu

2. Find your course in TC DM by going to the SHARED section and clicking on All Channels.

TC Digital Media

3. When the list of your courses appear, you may need to drag the three dots to the right to see the whole course names.

TC Digital Media

4. Click on the name of your course.

TC Digital Media

5. At the top of the window, click Manage Media

6. Click Upload

7. Click Browse

8. Click the name of the video you want to upload and click Open

9. Click Start Upload.

10. You can track the status of the media upload on the bottom right hand corner.

11. When the upload of the video is complete, a thumbnail of the video will appear. Everyone in your class can now click on TC Digital Media and view the video.

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