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Record a Video Announcement in Canvas in TC Digital Media


1. In your Canvas course click Announcements from the navigation menu.

2. Click the + Announcement button in the right corner of the page.

3. Give your Announcement a Title and click the external tools icon in the Rich Text Editor.

4. Click TC Digital Media from the drop down list.

5. In the pop out window click record in the top right corner.

If you have never used the TC Digital Media Screen Recorder you will be prompted to download it.

6. From the drop down click Open YuJa Software Capture. Your browser will minimize and the YuJa Screen Recording software will open.

7. If you are not recording your computer screen and would like just video click the drop down next to Screen and click No. Your video will appear in the middle of the window.

8. Give your video a title and click the Start button when you are ready to record your message.

9. Your recording will start. Once you are finished with your message click Finish.

10. From the pop-out window click Save if you would like to use this recording.

11. In your Canvas course your video will appear in the TC Digital Media pop out window.

Depending on the length of your video you may have to wait a few minutes for the announcement to finish processing and appear.

12. To insert your video click on it from the listed videos in the menu and it will automatically embed in the Rich Text editor of your Canvas Announcement.

13. Click Save.

14. Your announcement will be posted for the class.

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