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Create New Video or Audio Recordings for TC Digital Media (Yuja) with Mobile App


The Yuja Mobile allows users to create a new video or audio recording and easily upload it to the Media Library.

1. Select Record tab from bottom menu.

2. Select which type of media to record.

2.1. Video records a video with audio using mobile device's camera and mic

2.1.1. Adjust camera - choose front or rear for recording

2.1.2. Adjust resolution quality - choose 480p, 720p, 1080p (higher means bigger file, longer upload time)

2.2. Voice records an audio-only file using mobile device's mic

3. Once completed, choose Upload. A pop-up notification will inform you that the upload is in progress.

4. Media will appear in TC Digital Media under Manage Media.  A local copy will also be saved in your own device's Photos app.

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