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Edit Captions in TCDM


1. In your Canvas course select TC Digital Media (TCDM) from the navigation menu.

2. Locate your video in you Media Library.

3. Hover your mouse over the video and click Edit.

4. In the video editor click the CC button to view and edit the auto-captions.

5. Your captions will appear. Click on the caption [1] to edit the text within or click the trash can icon [2] to delete the caption.

6. When you have finished editing your captions click Save at the top of the editor window.

7. In the Save Edits window,  you can choose to edit the title and description to reflect your changes [1]. You can also choose to replace existing video with the most recent updates [2] or to save changes as a new video [3].

8. You will then be sent to your My Media Page. Your edited video can be found in your Default Collection folder.

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