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Update the Identity Certificate on BYOD Devices (iOS)

  1. You may receive an email from alerting you that your network access is about to expire. This is in relation to the ClearPass identity certificate expiring on your BYOD device (personal iPhone/iPad/laptop) and requires that the certificate be updated. The original identity certificate was valid for 1 year. Once updated, the new identity certificate will be valid for 5 years.


  • To confirm the certificate expiration date on your device matches the date specified in the email, navigate to Settings-→General-→Profiles-→Device Enrollment-→More Details. Under the Device Identity Certificate section, locate the certificate with your Active Directory username.


  • Once you've confirmed the expiration dates match, go back to the Settings-→General-→Profiles menu. Click on Update Profile.
    You'll be prompted to enter your device pass code.


  • Once that's complete, navigate back to Settings-→General-→Profiles-→Device Enrollment-→More Details and confirm the expiration date for the Device Identity Certificate is now 5 years in the future.
    If so, re-enrollment is complete.


  • If there are any issues whatsoever with the re-enrollment process, please contact TCIT's Service Desk at or (212) 678-3300.