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Connect to TC-Secure: Personal, Non-TC Device (AndroidOS)

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Set Up the Connection

1. Navigate to Settings--->Wi-Fi to see available wireless networks in the area. Click on TC-Secure in order to connect.

2. Make sure the EAP Method is set to PEAP, and set the CA certificate option to Don't validate.

Please Note: Don't click "Connect" just yet!

3.  In the Identity and Password fields, enter your Okta credentials (the same username (usually your last name) and password you use to log in to your work computer) . Leave Anonymous Identity blank.  Press Connect.

Check Your Connection!

To confirm connectivity, navigate to the Settings--->Wi-Fi menu. You'll see a Connected status directly below TC-Secure.

Note: If you have any issues connecting, please contact the TCIT Service Desk via ServiceNow ticket, email  ([email protected]) or phone (x3300).

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