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Update the Identity Certificate on BYOD Devices (iOS)

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  1. You may receive an email from [email protected] alerting you that your network access is about to expire. This is in relation to the ClearPass identity certificate expiring on your BYOD device (personal iPhone/iPad/laptop) and requires that the certificate be updated. The original identity certificate was valid for 1 year. Once updated, the new identity certificate will be valid for 5 years.


  • To confirm the certificate expiration date on your device matches the date specified in the email, navigate to Settings-→General-→Profiles-→Device Enrollment-→More Details. Under the Device Identity Certificate section, locate the certificate with your Active Directory username.


  • Once you've confirmed the expiration dates match, go back to the Settings-→General-→Profiles menu. Click on Update Profile.
    You'll be prompted to enter your device pass code.


  • Once that's complete, navigate back to Settings-→General-→Profiles-→Device Enrollment-→More Details and confirm the expiration date for the Device Identity Certificate is now 5 years in the future.
    If so, re-enrollment is complete.


  • If there are any issues whatsoever with the re-enrollment process, please contact TCIT's Service Desk at [email protected] or (212) 678-3300.
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