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TC-Secure: Personal, Non-TC Device (Mac OS X) - [Expired Password]

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If you've recently updated your Okta password (the account you log into your computer with), you'll need to re-authenticate with your new credentials.

1. Click on the Wifi icon via the top-right of the Mac Menu Bar.

2. Click on the Open Network Preferences... tab.

3. Click Advanced on the bottom right.

4. Select TC-Secure from the list, then click the - button to delete the network. Click OK to proceed.

5. Once again, click on the Wifi icon on the Mac Menu Bar to view available wireless networks and select TC-Secure from the list.

6. You'll be prompted for authentication credentials. Please enter your Okta username and password and click Join (This is the same username and password you use to login to your TC-owned desktop).

Note: Make sure to use your recently updated password to login.


7. If you're asked to verify the HCR-CPPM-Pub certificate, click Continue.

You can confirm your device is connected to TC-Secure by checking the wireless drop down list on the Mac Menu Bar.

Note: If you have any issues connecting, please contact the TCIT Service Desk via ServiceNow ticket, email  ([email protected]) or phone (x3300).

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