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Adding a New Device to the 'TC-Devices' Wireless Network

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1. You'll need to obtain the device's wireless MAC address.

This can be found in the device's settings or printed on the device itself. Please reference your device's manual if you have any issues finding it.

2. Log in to the ClearPass Web UI. Navigate to Configuration--->Identity-→Static Host Lists---> and click on TC-Wireless-Devices.

3. Add the device's MAC address to the Address field, add the device's description to the Description field, click Save Host then click Save.

The Description field should contain the Device Type, Device Location, Department and End-User Name if applicable.

4. In the device's network settings, select the TC-Devices wireless network.

5. Enter the supplied network password (PSK). Alternately, you can scan the following QR code with your mobile device:

6. At this point, the device should be connected to the TC-Devices network. You can test internet access by navigating to an external webpage.

Also, you can confirm the device is on the correct network by checking it's DHCP-supplied IP address. This address should be in the range of -

7. To confirm if the device has authenticated successfully in ClearPass, navigate to Monitoring-→Access Tracker. Filter the results based on Service--->CPPM-TC-Devices.

8. After adding a new device to the TC-Wireless-Devices Static Host List, please take a manual backup of the file for recovery purposes.

You can do so in Configuration-→Identity-→Static Host Lists-→Check the preferred Static Host List-→Click Export.

9. Under Export file with passwordprotection, clickNo, then clickExport.

10. Save the StaticHostList.xmlfile to the local machine.

11. Upload the StaticHostList.xml file to the Google Drive-→TCIT-→Projects-→Past Projects-→ClearPass folder (you can overwrite the previous version).

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