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Connect To TC-Guest (AndroidOS 7)

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1. Navigate to Settings--->Wi-Fi to see available wireless networks in the area. Click on TC-Guest in order to connect.

You may get a Sign in Wi-Fi network pop-up window. If so, click Open Browser.

2. The Default Android Browser will open. Click the menu button in the top-right, then click Use this network as is.

3. Open Google Chrome to continue the onboarding process.

4. Navigate to in the web browserYou will be automatically redirected back to the ClearPass Onboarding Portal. Click Advanced.

5. On the next screen, click Proceed To (Unsafe).

6. In the Guest Portal. Please enter your full name and a valid email address. Accept the terms of use and click Register to continue.

7. Once processed, ClearPass will share the details of your guest account. Please make note of the username & password, then click Log In.

You may be redirected again. If so, click Advanced. On the next screen, click Proceed To (Unsafe).

9. You will be granted 24 hours of access to the TC-Guest network, and your browser will be automatically redirected to the TC website.

To confirm connectivity, navigate to the Settings--->Wi-Fi menu. You'll see a Connected status directly below TC-Guest.

If you have followed this guide and are still having issues connecting, please contact the TCIT Service Desk at 212.678.3300 or [email protected]

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