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TC-Secure: Transition a BYOD Mac to TC-Owned

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This document details the steps required to transition a Mac from BYOD status to TC-Owned on the TC-Secure SSID.

1. Go to System Preferences

2. Click on Profiles.

3. Find the Device Enrollment profile and click the to delete

4. Click Remove.

5. Enter the device's admin credentials and click OK.

6. The Device Enrollment profile should now be deleted from the Profiles tab (if no other profiles exist on the device, the entire Profiles tab will disappear).

7. In ClearPass, go to Configuration-→Identity-→Endpoints. Type in the device's MAC Address and click Go.

8. Check off the preferred device and click Delete. Click Yes to the prompt.

9. Click Menu-→Onboard to navigate to the ClearPass Onboarding Portal.

10. Click Management and Control.

11. Click View by Username.

12. Locate the device owner's AD account and click on it. Then click Show Devices.

13. Click the preferred device, then click Delete Device.

14. Check off the confirmation box, then click Delete.

15. You should see the device grayed out with a line through it. This is confirmation that it's been removed from the Onboarding Portal.

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