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TC-WiFi Subnet Table

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Reference table for TC-WiFi subnets. Once the end-user's device pulls an IP within one of the ranges below, please use this list to determine what back-end group they're falling into.

Please Note: If an end-user's device is pulling an IP from the incorrect group (i.e. TC-Secure BYOD instead of TC-Secure TC-Owned), their device may not be registered in either Active Directory (Windows devices) or Jamf (Apple devices).

Alternatively, it's possible their user account is placed in an incorrect OU or is missing an extension attribute which can cause a misidentification by ClearPass. Please escalate the ticket to the infrastructure team in these instances.

TC-Secure (TC-Owned Device)

Faculty = -

Non-TCIT Staff = -

TCIT Admin = -

TCIT Staff = -

TC-Secure (BYOD) = -

TC-Guest = -

*Eduroam = - -

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