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Connect to TC-Secure: TC-Owned Device (iPhone/iPad)

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1. If you've connected to the TC SSID previously, click on the Settings app--->Wi-Fi tab--->then click the information button next to TC.

2. Click Forget This Network.

3. Click Forget on the next pop-up window.

4. Click on the Settings app, then click the Wi-Fi tab in order to see available wireless networks. Click on TC-Secure to join the network.

5. You'll be prompted for your login information. Please enter your Okta credentials (the same username and password you use to log in to your work computer) and click Join. The connection will be made automatically.

6. If a certificate prompt pops up asking you to trust HCR-CPPM-Pub, click Trust.

You now have access to the TC-Secure network with your TC-Owned iPad. You can confirm this by navigating to the Settings--->Wi-Fi tab. 

Please Note: If the BYOD onboarding window pops up, you'll need to go back and register your iPad in Jamf. You can find those instructions here:

Once the iPad is registered, please repeat the steps in this manual.

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