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Connect To TC-Guest (Mac)

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1. Click on the Wifi icon on the Mac Menu Bar and select TC-Guest from the list.

If you're using a web browser during the guest onboarding process, you may receive a This Connection Is Not Private message. This is simply your browser being redirected to the Guest Portal. You can click visit this website to continue.

2.  From the Join "TC-Guest" Portal, enter your full name and a valid email address. Accept the terms of use and click Register to continue.

3. Once processed, ClearPass will share the details of your guest account. Please make note of the username & password, then click Log In.

If you receive an alert stating Unable to verify the identity of the website "", click Continue to proceed.

You will be granted 24 hours of access to the TC-Guest network, and your browser will be automatically redirected to the TC website

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