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TC-Secure Wireless Profile on Login Screen (Mac)

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This document should be used as a reference when a user initiates a Service Desk case regarding the visibility of the TC-Secure Wireless Profile on the Mac login screen.

1. When a user on a TC-Owned Mac reaches the login screen, they'll be prompted for their Active Directory Credentials. They'll also see the TC-Secure Wireless Profile pre-selected.

2. Please Note: If the Mac has drive encryption enabled, the user will not see the TC-Secure Wireless Profile upon initial boot.

Instead, they will only see the profile when they are either manually or automatically logged out of their existing session (which is detailed in Step 1).

If a user logs in via this screen and is then presented with the screen in the previous step, their Filevault encryption password has not synced with their Active Directory password. The user should initiate a wired connection to the TC network and login with their updated Active Directory credentials at the screen shown in Step 1, then restart the computer to ensure the Filevault password matches updated Active Directory credentials.

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