Connect To Eduroam (Windows)

1. In order to set up your connection Eduroam, you must first connect to the "TC-Guest" wireless network. Once you're connected, please continue on to Step 2.

2. Navigate to the Columbia University Wireless Configuration Portal at

3. Click on the eduroam link on the bottom of the page

3. Make sure the correct device operating system is selected, then click JoinNow.

4. You will be prompted to download the SecureW2 supplicant. Click Save File when the download prompt appears.

5. Locate the WiFi_Columbia_University_Wrapper.exe file that was saved onto your hard drive, and double-click to run the application.

6. When prompted, enter your UNI ID and password, then click Next.

7. The client will automatically configure, authenticate and join to the Columbia Eduroam system. Once that process is complete, click the Done button.

Once authenticated, you will see a Connected, secured status message under the eduroam wireless network name.