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Attach a File in Spaces on Google Chat. 

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1. Sign in to Google Chat or Gmail.

2. Enter your message and choose an option to attach a file to the message.

2.1. To attach a file from your computer, click the Upload icon.

The file is not added to Drive. Other users get the file directly in the message.

2.2. To attach a Drive file, click the Google Drive icon.

When you send the file, you'll be warned if the room or someone in a direct message doesn't have access. If you have Edit access to the file, you'll see an option to grant access. If you grant access to a Space, it also applies to people who join the Space later. If people leave the Space, they lose access to the file unless they’re given access individually or through another group.

3. Select the file that you want to send.

4. Click the Send icon.

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