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Set up Appointment Slots in Google Calendar


1. In Google Calendar click Create in the top left corner of the screen.

2. In the pop-out click on Appointment slots.

3. Click More Options.

4. In the new screen give your appointment a title, select the date and time, and also the duration of each appointment.

5. To set recurring appointments click on the drop down menu next to appointment duration.

6. Add a location and description to your appointments. If you will be using Zoom for your office hours add this information here.

7. Click save once you have all of your details set.

8. To view your appointment page and find a URL to send out for people to sign out click on the appointment in your Google Calendar.

9. In the Pop-out click Go to my appointment page for this calendar.

Add your appointment page to your Canvas course.

1. In Canvas click on your Canvas course in the Dashboard.

2. Click Modules in your course navigation.

4. In the pop-out window select external URL from the drop-down menu.

5. Enter the URL for your Google Appointments calendar, give your URL a name, check the box to have the URL open in a separate page, and click Add Item.

11. When someone signs up for an appointment it will show up in your Google Calendar within the appointment and the appointment information.

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