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Create a Shareable Google Slides Link

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1. In your Google Slides Presentation, give your Slides a title.

2. Click the Share button in the top right corner.

There are three sharing options:

Restricted: Only specifically designated individuals may view the document. There may be additional login requirements to verify their access. Only individuals logged into their Google account may view the document.

Anyone with the link: Any individual with a the link may view the document. There are no log in requirements.  

We recommend you select or Restricted for optimum security.

There are three permission options:

Viewer: The person can only view the document. They may not leave comments or make changes.

Commenter: The person can view the document to make comments but they may not make changes.

Editor: The person has full access to the document. They can view, make comments, and make changes to the document.

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