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Embed media into your Google Site from TC Digital Media

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TC Digital Media is TC's video storage platform. Learn more about TC Digital Media and how to upload videos.

1. In your TC Digital Media account, float your mouse over the media that you would like to embed into your Google Site and click More.

Videos in TC Digital Media are automatically password protected. You will need to take a few extra steps if you want the videos to be viewed publicly.

3a. Make your video available to the public.

1. Click Security in your Media Editor.

2. Uncheck the Password box.

3. Click Save Security.

4. Your media will now be publicly available.

5. In the side navigation tab, click Embed.

6. In the pop-out window, enter the URL that you copied from TC Digital Media into your Google Site and click Insert.

7. You media will be inserted into your site. You can adjust the size of the media by dragging the blue circles.

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