Results, Reports and Analysis

1. To view recorded responses to your survey, visit the Data & Analysis tab of your survey. In this tab, you can preview results in tabular format.

2. To download all responses and analyze the data externally, click Export and Import and select Export Data. The data can be exported as CSV, TSV, XML, SPSS, Google Drive, and User Submitted Files.

3. You can also select a specific response and view, retake, retake as a new response, export a PDF of the response, or delete the response. Go to the response you want and under the Actions column, click on the drop-down menu.

4. If you choose to delete a response, you will be prompted with a warning asking you to confirm deletion. This will offer the choice to decrement the response quota for the deleted response prior to deletion. You will need to click the box confirming you would like to delete the response prior to being able to click the Delete this response button. If you do not want to delete the response, click Close.

Delete Response

5. The Reports tab provides options for data visualizations, including basic graphs and tabular expressions of data. The Page Options render each question as a page and allows you to export the individual page, move the page to the top or bottom, or hide the page. Once a page is hidden, you can click the View button to show it again.

6. To setup a Data Visualization, such as a bar or pie chart, click the + Add Visualization button at the bottom of a question. You can set a Title for your graphic and choose the type of Visualization in the right navigation menu. You can then customize the visualization using the options provided, depending on the type of visualization you select. The legend will populate based on the answer choices provided in the question at the bottom of the visual, but values can be edited in the source options on the right.

7. To print the full report of all the configured pages, visit the Reports tab, click on Reports subtab and click + Create New Report.

8. A window will pop up requesting a Report Name and will ask to confirm the size, orientation, and margins (inches) the report will be stored as. To generate the report, click Create.