Display and Skip Logic

Display and skip logic are used to determine if and when certain questions appear in your survey, based on the responses of the survey participant.

1. To set Display or Skip Logic, select the question you wish to perform the action on and choose Add Display Logic or Add Skip Logic from the Actions menu within the right navigation menu. These options can also be accessed from the question settings cog underneath the question number.

2. Display logic will display the selected question only if conditions are met. Set the conditions in the pop-up window that appears. Conditions can include selecting a specific answer to a specific question, device type, location, or can be based off of your distribution list. Multiple logic conditions can be applied by using the "+" button on the right. Delete a logic condition by clicking the "-" button next to the condition on the right. Click Save when you have finished to save the logic.

3. Skip logic will skip over a selected question, block, or directly to the end of the survey if logic conditions are met. Click Done when you have finished to save the logic.