Survey Flow

The Survey Flow is a block-level view of your survey. From here, you can customize where respondents go in your survey and what they see.

You can perform simple tasks like rearranging blocks, or you can add elements that direct and personalize your respondents’ survey experience.

Respondents will start at the top of the flow and work their way through until they reach an end point and finish the survey.

1. To access the Survey Flow, click Survey Flow in the navigation bar of the Survey tab.

2. In the Survey Flow, you will see a list of the question blocks, or groups of questions, in your survey. In basic surveys, you may see just one block.

3. The Survey Flow can be customized by adding new elements by clicking on Add Below next to a block. Some elements include Branches (used to show certain blocks only to those who meet conditions you specify), Randomizers (used to randomly choose which Blocks each respondent will see), and a variety of other elements.