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Set up Contact Lists and emails in Qualtrics

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When distributing your survey, contact lists can help you send your survey to a specific set of respondents, gather participant information, track the responses received, and remind those who have not yet responded.

1. Click Distributions and select Compose Email.

2. In the email composition page, click Select Contacts and select New Contact List to setup your distribution list.

3. Set up your Contact List

3.1. Provide a name for your contact list in the Name field.

3.2. Enter the contact information for the individuals you are sending your survey to within the grid lines.

3.3. Click the Create button to save the contact list.

4. When you have created the Contact List, select the Contact List from the Library. You can choose to email an individual or the entire list.

5. Set the time you want the survey information to be sent to the contact(s).

6. Enter a subject for the email in the Subject field and compose the email.

Do not replace the texts that direct individuals to the survey that is already entered in the message field.

7. To send yourself a preview email, click Send Preview Email.

8. Click Send or schedule your message to be sent.

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