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Add alternative text to an image on a Canvas page with Ally

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Ally checks images in Canvas for alternative text descriptions. Alternative text describes the content of images, graphs, and charts for those who might not be able to see the image.

To add alternative texts to images that are in other documents, such as Word or a Google Doc, you'll need to locate the original file.

1. Log into your Canvas course.

2. Click on the small red accessibility gauge in the lower left corner of an image.

Module 3 Overview: HBSE4002002:Instr/Curric-Students w/Disabl

3. A new window will appear. Type an image description in the text box.

If your image is only for visual effects and doesn't contain information relevant to the learning content, select Indicate image is decorative. Alternative texts/image descriptions aren't necessary for decorative images.

4. Click Add.

5. Your accessibility score should improve.

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