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Set a default language in a Microsoft Word document (PC)

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If you have not set a default language in Microsoft Word document before, follow the instructions in this current article (stay on this page) first. Then, if you would like to change the language in a single article, refer to the instructions to Set a new language in a Microsoft Word document (PC).

1. Open the Microsoft Word document that you want to set a language for.

2. Click the Review tab.

3. Click the dropdown menu under Language, and select Language Preferences...

4. A pop-up window will appear.

5. If you don't have an additional language added, follow these instructions.

If English (United States) is set as your default language but the setting is not reflected in your document, follow the instructions in Step 5 to set it to another language. Then, repeat the steps in this article to reset the default language to English (United States).

5.1. Click [Add additional editing languages].

5.2. Select the desired language from the dropdown list.

5.3. Click Add.

5.4. The selected language will be added to the Editing Language list above.

6. Select the desired language, click Set as Default.

7. Click Yes.

8. The selected language should be changed to the default language. Click OK.

9. You'll be prompted to restart your Microsoft Word for the changes to take effect. Click OK, close and reopen your document.

10. The chosen language should be now applied to the document and displayed at the bottom of the Word document.

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