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Replace an inaccessible PDF in Canvas with a document from TC Course Resource List

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If Ally has identified in your Canvas course a PDF that is inaccessible, you can search for the document through the TC Library system - Leganto (Course Resource List) and replace the PDF with the Library version of the file.

If you cannot find the document in the Library system, then you will need to find the Word or Google Doc version of the document and make that accessible.

2. On the left course navigation menu, click Ally Course Accessibility Report.

3. Scroll down the page to find Remaining issues.

4. Find and select the issue titled "The document is scanned and OCRed".

5. Click to open the document with the red indicator.

6. A new window will appear. Identify the title of the document.

7. Search for the article using TC Library Leganto system and add the resource to your course resource list.

Follow the instructions below to add a resource to your TC Course Resource List in your Canvas course:

  1. How to create a course resource list in Canvas
  2. How to add a resource to your course list in Canvas

8. Once the article has been added to your course resource list through the Library system, delete the document flagged by Ally.

8.1. In your Canvas course, click Files.

8.2. Locate the document. Click the three dots next to the document.

8.3. Click Delete.

8.4. Click OK to delete the document.

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