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Download a document in Ally alternative formats

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Students can download their course files and HTML content in different formats such as ePub, HTML,  MP3 file, and BeeLine Reader by selecting the "A" icon or the "Alternative Formats" button.

Students can only download their Canvas course documents in Ally alternative formats using their web browser, however, not via Canvas app.

1. In your Canvas course, locate the document that you want to download.

2. Click the download icon next to the document.

3. Select Alternative formats from the dropdown menu.

4. A pop-up will display different alternative formats available for download. Explore the advantages for each format below.

  • HTML: Adapts text to mobile screen sizes
  • ePub: Annotating and highlighting
  • Electronic braille: Relief from screenreaders
  • Audio: Listen and learn on the go
  • BeeLine Reader: Read faster and with greater focus with on-screen reading

5. Select the format of the file that you want to download and click Download.

6. Your file will download to your computer.  Click to open the file.

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