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Add text Styles to a Google Docs

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Headings make the structure of your documents accessible to both sighted users and those who use screen readers.

1. Open the document in Google Docs.

2. Select the text you want to apply a heading style to.

3. Select the Style menu.

4. Select the appropriate heading level for your text.

5. The heading style will apply to your selected texts.

6. (Optional) You can also update the heading styles by modifying its font, size and color.

6.1. Write your heading text(s).

6.2. Select the text(s).

6.3. Select the Style menu.

6.4. Select the heading style that you want to update to match your current heading style.

6.5. Click the small arrow next to the heading style. Select Update '[heading level]' to match.

6.6. Every instance of that heading level will be updated to the font, size, and color you chose.

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